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We helped PM Connect effectively communicate their unique proposition

Reaching a global audience of 680 million users and processing 6 million mobile payments per month, we created a digital asset to help them accelerate their growth journey.

PM Connect are a high growth tech business that connect global brands to users through mobile phone companies (carriers). They enable brands to make their content accessible to everyone by removing the barriers to entry that exist with card payments. Users can subscribe to content by paying their subscription fees directly through their mobile phone bill. Users can can pay easily and quickly, maximising sales conversion.

The challenge was to reposition PM Connect’s digital asset and effectively communicate their unique proposition to both key audience groups – Carriers and Brands. The website was to help the business accelerate their next wave of growth.



Visual Design

6 Million payments processed every month by PM Connect.


Prior to commencing any design work we hosted a discovery workshop with key stakeholders from PM Connect. Dealing with such complex technology, it was important that we grasped a thorough understanding of their key audience personas, their motivations and needs.  It was also imporatant that our team fully understood how the technology works.

This insight enabled us to shape the website structure and content hierarchy around the needs of each audience group and most importantly simplify the messaging to communicate value rather than tech.


We designed the UX of the website to be underpinned by one concept – simplicity. If we were going to design an experience that effectively communicated a complex service it had to focus on the key audience groups Carriers and Brands and deliver simple, clear content.


Following a refresh of the PM Connect brand identity and colour palette, we set about creating a website that was designed around the needs of ‘Carriers’ and ‘Brands’. We designed the pages to deliver content that is punchy, to the point and communicates the value of working with PM Connect to the user without them having to work hard. The pages allow the content and key messaging to breathe along with supporting visuals that add impact and reinforce the brand messaging.

We introduced a case section to enable PM Connect to reinforce their offering by evidencing how successful the service has been for other brands.

“The PM Connect website will play a key roll in supporting their content marketing and sales efforts across the globe.”


The PM Connect website is a bespoke build upon the WordPress CMS framework. This enables their internal team and other agency partners to easily update the website and publish new content.

PM Connect produces and shares research white papers and so we developed the ability to add these to the website using ‘gated content’ meaning they can capture the data of users that are downloading the white papers.

We have also designed their latest white paper to ensure that it is consistent with the other brand assets that we have created.

"PM Connect are a rapidly growing, exciting brand that are changing the way subscription payments are made. Helping them define their digital proposition was challenging yet rewarding.”

Rob Pollard
Director, Lightbox Digital

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