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Let’s talk about getting your website found by the right people - your customer

If your customers can’t find you, they cant buy from you. Investment in SEO is the best way to achieve long term, sustainable visibility in search engines for targeted search terms appropriate to your business.

Reach your customers for free! Once you have established a strong organic presence for your targeted search terms, you will then be receiving free traffic to your website as opposed to paying for it in ad spend.

We don't just care about your customers, we care about you.

Effective communication is integral to any SEO campaign, which is why we provide our clients with a weekly activity and performance report and a dedicated Birmingham based digital marketing specialist to discuss the SEO strategy.

You will also have 24/7 access to our rolling 3-month activity plan so you can see exactly what we are working on and when it has been completed. Our Birmingham SEO agency is thorough every step of the way.

Our SEO Process

1. Discovery, Research & SEO Strategy

Every SEO partnership starts with a discovery workshop that helps us to understand your business, your customers and your objectives in greater detail.

After we have gathered insight from you, we then commence detailed research that includes a technical audit of your website, market research, competitor research and keyword research to identify and establish a list of appropriate and most importantly, valuable keywords to target. This gathering of data provides us with the foundations and priorities of our SEO efforts along with your business objectives.

We will establish a unique SEO strategy to help you achieve the results to grow your organic traffic. This is an important part of our partnership as it allows us to establish a roadmap to online success along with key measurable activities (KPI’s). This way, you know what we are working towards and how to measure success.

2. Technical SEO Audit, Planning & Setup

Following our Research and Discovery phase, we will then perform a detailed technical SEO audit of your website along with an audit of your backlink portfolio. This, along with our research helps us prioritise the elements of the SEO strategy into a six-month plan of activities that is shared with you so you can see what we are doing when.

The plan is shared with you through our project management tool. It enables collaboration in the form of comments on tasks. It also enables our SEO team to mark tasks as complete throughout each month of service so you can see what has been done at any time.

We believe that this level of transparency and collaboration is important to the success of the campaign and relationship.

We utilise industry-leading SEO tools to enable us to gather data, present data and insight back to you and accurately monitor performance e.g. how your targeted keywords are ranking.

3. Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is commonly referred to as On-Page SEO. This practice is ensuring the content, HTML, website load speed, user experience and general functions of the website are working correctly.

The quality of your website is more important than ever to perform well in the search results. Our on-site SEO work starts with a technical audit to assess the structure, performance and technical integrity of your website. We then apply our SEO knowledge and expertise to work through your website page by page to ensure that your onsite structure, content and codebase is set up perfectly for how Google views and ranks your website.

Our in house website development team allows us to easily collaborate to fix technical issues and proactively develop the website in line with the SEO strategy.

4. Offsite SEO

One of the key indicators for Google as to how to rank a website is how much good quality, relevant websites link back to your website.  Firstly, our Birmingham SEO team will audit your existing backlink profile to establish your current position. We will then embark on a link acquisition campaign built around your targeted keywords and brand.

Offsite SEO is also referred to as Off-Page SEO. Offsite SEO focuses on your backlink profile.  However, Offsite SEO’s focus isn’t just about backlinks, it also ranges from digital PR and brand mentions to social media marketing.

5. Reporting

We believe that a successful SEO campaign is built around successful performance but also the quality of relationship.

We value strong, collaborative relationships with our clients.

It is for this reason that we send our clients a weekly report that details the tasks that have been completed, tasks to be completed as well as performance metrics from the SEO tools we use and Google Analytics data. This enables a collaborative dialogue throughout the month rather than waiting until the end of the month for a monthly report.

6. Evaluation

Evaluation of what we are doing and the results of our work is constant throughout our partnership with you. Evaluation is imperative to identify what is working and what isn’t working (and do more of what is working). It allows us to continually adapt our approach to market conditions as well as the priorities of your business.


SEO, also referred to as Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of growing your website’s traffic by increasing the quality and quantity of leads. Put simply, SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your website organically across search engines with a four-step process starting with an SEO Strategy, which leads to Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO and then monthly health checks followed by SEO reporting.

The main aim of SEO is to increase traffic organically, leading to a higher rate of conversions with month on month growth; the best bit of this meaning that this is a free process of search marketing.  For quicker ROI you’d be looking for a Pay Per Click strategy which is another form of online marketing.

SEO service costs vary depending on the size of the website and the type of SEO work being implemented. Our SEO fees start at £750 per month but we will provide you with a proposal once we understand what you are trying to achieve and have been able to assess your website.

Our experts generally recommend a period of three months before you start to see significant movements and results from SEO. This time frame allows website changes that have been made to be crawled by robots and registered in search engines. Once this has been done, it then will take time for your website to come up against the competition and rank highly. Once your website has valuable keywords ranking on page one, you can expect to see a higher volume of traffic in a short space of time.

Lightbox have been offering SEO services to clients for over 10 years. Our experts work with you closely to understand what it is that you want your website to achieve, and implement a strategy based around your goals. You will receive regular communication and updates as to how your website is performing and what tasks have been successfully implemented. We believe in maintaining ultimate transparency at all times.

We are also have an in-house development team that are able to improve the technical aspects of your website to support the efforts of our SEO team. As technical SEO is so important to achieving results, it helps to have one seamless team looking after your website. 

SEO can be integral to online success and business growth. It makes a website more visible across search engines, which in turn results in a higher volume of traffic, and therefore a larger opportunity to convert website visitors into customers. It establishes online authority, integrity and trust for brands.

PPC is a great short term solution that provides quick results, but SEO is a long term winner. Organic traffic generated by SEO is free, whereas traffic generated from PPC is not free. In this sense, SEO is a money saver long term and it establishes quality content on your website that will have a lasting effect. The two work well in harmony, for example testing keyword strategies and their success in PPC can provide ground for long term SEO strategies. We would always recommend, where appropriate, to implement both.

Nobody can guarantee a top ranking in Google, because we cannot control how Google chooses to rank websites. Google changes their algorithms on a regular basis, and with such, we adapt websites to best suit them and provide higher chances of ranking well. We make informed and intelligent SEO strategies to give websites the best chances of performing successfully. 

What we can guarantee is an optimised website that is set up to perform well on search and is appealing for users. We can guarantee an increase in traffic to your website and with such, a stronger chance of conversions across the board as a result of SEO work.

We report on progress and performance on a weekly and monthly basis. Each Monday we will send over an SEO update as to your key website data and the progression of tasks. At the beginning of each month you will receive a round up report of the previous month as a whole, including your website performance, work completed and plans of action moving forward. 

Let’s talk about getting your website found by the right people - your customer