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We help you to unlock your brand to define your purpose and position in the market. Developing a strong brand proposition allows you to effectively communicate with your audience groups to accelerate the growth of your business.

Think about some of the largest brands that you interact with or experience their products/services on a daily basis. Why do you choose them? It may be because of quality, or price, or both.

However, more often than not it’s because you believe in something deeper. A sense of purpose. A feeling. You trust that brand.

Now apply that thinking to your own business and read on.

What is brand?

When we think about brand, people default to thinking about logos, colours, visuals and media. However, whilst the visual activation of a brand is part of a brand’s success, it doesn’t tell the whole story; and that’s exactly what brand is about.

Brand is about telling your story in a way that your customers can relate to and clearly understand. Something that inspires them to buy from you rather than your competitors. Brand is about curating a narrative that connects with people on a deeper level rather than a simple transaction.

The brand visual is important but it’s the brand narrative that captures the hearts and minds of your customers.

What impact can strong branding have on your business?

In its simplistic form, it can give your customers clarity as to what you do; being consistent with your messaging will help them to buy your product or service. Clear and consistent messaging is the first step towards gaining the trust of your customer.

A strong brand communicates your purpose and value to your customer whilst creating a point of differentiation in your market. The impact is that your customer buys into what you stand for as a brand and therefore is more likely to buy your product or service.

Internally, a strong, defined brand helps your teams buy into what your business is trying to achieve. It helps them live by the values as well as helps you hire against those values and what you stand for as brand.

Why choose Lightbox for your brand project?

We’re experts in helping our clients define their brand proposition, mission, story, audience personas and brand values. Most of our projects start with brand which then flows throughout the work that we do.

We have extensive experience in facilitating strategic brand workshops, delivering brand research through focus groups and stakeholder interviews/surveys, crafting your brand narrative and delivering a brand visual through identity and creative activation media.

For us, whether we are creating a new digital product, launching a multi channel campaign or telling compelling visual stories, everything starts with brand.

Brand workshop

You are masters of what you do but are you communicating ‘why’ you do it effectively to the people that matter? Is your business truly connecting with your customers and stakeholders (e.g. employees)?

It’s consistently fascinating to ask businesses why they do what they do followed by “what do you do?” or “why does your brand exist?” The varying answers from different people tells the story that many SMEs have not established clarity of:

  • What their brand exists to do.
  • Their compelling reason why they do it (for the customer).
  • Their overarching vision/mission.
  • Who their customers are.
  • What their customers want.

We facilitate strategic brand workshops that bring your teams together to define what your brand stands for, who your customer personas are and define why they should buy from you.

Brand Research

To truly understand how your brand is perceived, you need to speak to your various stakeholder groups. We will lead this process and conduct research interviews, employee/stakeholder/customer surveys, focus groups and undertake market research to establish a true reflection of your brand.

The brand research provides us valuable insight data to influence the strategic thinking for your future brand.

Brand Narrative

Think about why you favour or connect with some brands more than others before you have experienced their product or service. You may have been referred or recommended by someone you trust, but it’s most likely that you resonate with the brand’s narrative, proposition and what it stands for. The brand makes you ‘feel’ something internally. This narrative could be delivered through visual storytelling that you can relate to.

You will rarely buy from a brand because you like the logo or the colour palette. It’s a small element of the story but the narrative trumps it every time and can truly differentiate you in your market.

Following our discovery, research and insight, we will shape your brand narrative to powerfully communicate what your brand stands for and deliver your compelling reason ‘why’ your customers should buy from you. Your brand narrative consists of:

  • Brand Proposition.
  • Brand Tagline.
  • Brand Story.
  • Brand Mission.
  • Brand Values.
  • Key Messaging.
  • Brand Personas.

Brand Visual

Your brand visual enhances your brand narrative and allows you to visually connect with your audience personas to make them feel something. Your brand visual gives you an identity and allows you to visually communicate your key messaging and tell your story.

Your visual brand proposition is what your audiences will grow to know you for so it’s important that it reflects who you are and what your brand personality stands for.

Following creating your brand narrative, our team of experts will design your brand visual including:

  • Brand Identity (Logo).
  • Brand Book/Guidelines.

Brand Activation

Brand activation is driven by your business strategy. Once we have defined your brand and visual narrative, we help you create and activate a multi-channel brand and marketing strategy to tell your stories and communicate your unique proposition to your defined personas.

Our talented team are experienced in creating and activating omnichannel (online and offline) marketing collateral and campaigns to connect with your audiences and drive new enquiries and sales to grow your business.

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room."

Jeff Bezos

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