Our Environment

We have created a space that is part of our brand and the fabric of our culture.  A space where our people and clients can collaborate and develop incredible ideas.

The Lightbox space is an extension of our brand and the vehicle to deliver our process and ideas.  We have created an environment that is built around experience and underpins what we stand for, ‘Making Digital Human’.  When we started the Lightbox HQ project, our mission was to design a welcoming space for our clients and an inspiring space for our team.

"We are proud of our home. It's a real investment in our team and clients."

PJ Ellis
Director, Lightbox

Purpose Designed

Designed from the ground up, our 3,000 sq ft space was created to accommodate our continuously growing team.

The space also enables us to facilitate creative collaboration with our clients through a series of interactive workshops and meetings.  The space allows us to promote a co-working culture, whilst building on client relationships to make them even stronger.

Work hard, play hard!

The new creative space is perfect for hosting after-work get togethers where our team members can indulge in a fully stocked ‘beer fridge’, play “winner-stays-on” on Mario Kart, beat their colleagues at FIFA or smash into killer on the pool table.

We are actively promoting a ‘family’ culture and our incredible home resonates with our collective ambitions.


Lightbox HQ has a beautifully designed aquarium which allows us to connect with nature and from time to time escape the ‘hustle and bustle’ of agency life.

As well as creating a living space, the aquarium is often a talking point with our visitors, clients, collaborators and team members.

“Following the growth of the business over the last two years, we wanted to create an environment that allows us to create a memorable experience for our clients."

Rob Pollard
Founder, Lightbox

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