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Top 10 Typography Pinterest Boards

Some people might not think it but typography plays an extremely important role in setting the tone for a website; it embodies the theme! A consistent site will execute typography beautifully taking into consideration the size, colour, spacing, as well as any other design elements that will enable the reader to clearly see what the […]

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Top 10 Most Creative 404 Error Pages

If for some reason something doesn’t quite work out on your website and your visitors are directed to a 404 Error Page then it doesn’t have to be as painful as you may think. Whilst being faced with this particular page could cause frustration for most people and even lose some customer trust, you can make it […]

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5 Most Damaging Web Design Mistakes

Operating an e-business can be tough and many mistakes are made along the way. The website is what is often faced with the most problems which is quite an issue… considering it is the face of the entire business. There are many complications and problems that e-businesses face, the following post will outline the 5 […]

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Behind The Scenes At Lightbox – Q&A With Dan

What is your role? I’m part of the development team here at Lightbox; I have many different responsibilities to fulfil on a daily basis. My main responsibility is to develop functional websites that I have been given by the design team, ensuring that their vision is brought to life through the browser. Not only does […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Having An FAQ Page ?

Not every site needs an FAQ page, it’s all down to what you are offering. If you are selling a product or service then it’s always best to provide your customers with a page dedicated to answering those common questions (lets be honest, you probably hear the same questions about 10 times a day so […]

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