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EU outlines plans for 5G mobile services by 2020, UK mobile browsing set to increase by 800%

On the 2nd February, 2016, the European Commission released plans to boost mobile internet speeds with the introduction of a high-quality 5G service. With this announcement the commission outlined the steps they intend to take to allow for a huge overhaul of mobile internet access which will account for an expected increase of up to […]

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Using Analytics as a Tool for Business Growth

The majority of apps, websites and software now have some form of analytical data tracking implemented. The reason for this is quite simple; by understanding exactly how your website is used you can begin to make data-driven decisions that enhance your user’s experience. When you really drill down into your web analytics data and truly understand it you can […]

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Lightbox Launch Our Bespoke WordPress Dashboard to Improve Client Communication and Support

Lightbox are delighted to launch our bespoke WordPress dashboard. Following months of planning, design and development we are in a position to release an improved dashboard interface for our clients. Below we discuss our reasons for developing the dashboard for both us as a business and for our clients. Improved client support Improved client communication […]

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Google Brotli Algorithm – How will it effect your website?

On the 19th January, Google’s web performance engineer Ilya Grigorik announced that the infinitely successful tech company plan to introduce a new compression algorithm (Brotli), to replace the currently in use Zopfli compression system. Whilst many in the online stratosphere are extremely excited for this impending change, it may not be so obvious to everyone […]

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Our Downloadable Ebook Guide to ‘Starting a Website Project’

No matter the complexity, starting a website project can be a daunting prospect particularly if you are not necessarily tech minded. Too often we are having conversations with clients that have had a previously poor experience when working on a digital project which, can be avoided. For this reason we decided to create a document […]

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